Magic Mouse and workflows

by postbreak

It’s not often I get excited about a peripheral but in the case of the Magic Mouse I’m generally intrigued. I was lucky enough to receive one for christmas and I believe the hype is justified. The mouse performs exceptionally well, after some modifications. What Apple has on its hands is a sleeper of a product. Out of the box it’s all smoke and mirrors. Momentum scrolling will make your Windows friend jealous, and the pinch and zoom feature is fun for a little bit. At the end of the day the software is crippled like I have never seen.

Luckily developers picked up where Apple left off and you can customize this mouse to your hearts desire. This is what makes the Magic mouse so powerful, you can mold it to match your workflow style. I wrote about BetterTouchTool a short while ago so it was the first application I tried with my new mouse. After the quick installation I knew it was the only application I would need.


BetterTouchTool Gestures Panel



Above you can see the customs gestures I use. The two finger tap shortcut allows me to play/pause iTunes and the three finger swipes adjust iTunes volume accordingly. This is one less reason I have to take my hand off of my mouse or keyboard to reach for my Powermate or pull up the iTunes window. On the left you can see how to set application specific gestures. This feature is great because I have some gestures for Safari and Finder that let me navigate much faster than using the UI or the keyboard. Keeping one hand on the keyboard, and one on the mouse has proven much more efficient than constantly switching between the two.




In the screenshot above you can see just how slow the Magic Mouse tracking is by default. I had it maxed out in the mouse preference pane, what you see above is how far past maxed out I had to go to get comfortable tracking. From here you can also turn off one finger scrolling, something I enjoy however. Without this application you couldn’t change these settings, stupid.

Describing how I use the Magic Mouse is difficult because of how interpretive it can be, so I decided to record a screencast showing my gestures. You can view the video by clicking the read more link below.

Download [BetterTouchTool]