iPhone rant

by postbreak

Well it’s christmas eve and I’m pissed. I’ve tried to hold out from ranting about the iPhone but now that I’ve got all the time in the world, having graduated college, I crawled back to my iPhone. I switched to a cheap piece of crap motorola phone, ironically enough it was the first phone to feature iTunes, because I got tired of paying AT&T an extra $30 a month to have spotty 3G service.

Now that I’m back on the “Jesus Phone” my complaints are still justified. Even after updating to 3.1.2, iTunes 9.whatever, it’s still an infuriating experience. Syncing this phone is the worst thing you could possibly imagine. We’re talking 15 minutes to update a couple of albums and an application or two. I would rather pay Apple $5 a sync if it was instant compared to this. It’s really that bad.

Then there is the application install process. If you’re on the phone and install a game that is say ~500MB that means it has to download all of the application at 500MB, then use that to install. A 500MB application can require a gigabyte of free space to install without complaining. And on the slow as molasses memory inside the phone that can mean a 20 minute install. Give me a break.

Calls get dropped or never completed constantly. Now a lot of you will throw a fit saying that’s AT&T’s fault (if you’re in America), but I wonder if it’s a combination of the phone + AT&T. The very first phone call I made when I got the iPhone 3G on launch day was dropped. That really increased my trust in AT&T.

I don’t know if this bullshit is present on any Android phones but if it is then we’re just fucked when it comes to smart phones of the future. A phone shouldn’t require you to babysit it while it tries to sync your applications and music, especially a “smart phone“. Sure, my iPhone does things I never imagined I would be doing while on the go, but beyond that the upkeep is excruciating. For every whiz-bang feature there’s a crack in the paint that makes you want to smash the device on the ground. I especially like how even after light use I have to recharge the battery halfway into a day, that just brings my piss to a boil.

As much as I dislike AT&T for their spotty network, I think Apple has a phone that could use some polish. At least with AT&T my dropped calls are a temporary annoyance, and 3G coverage sucks, but I spend so much time waiting for my iPhone to do something I begin to wonder why I got it in the first place. Apple doesn’t get the abuse it should for the iPhone, and I think it’s time people start to look at them for the iPhone’s shitty usability.