Intel X25 Firmware Update

by postbreak

/*Update 12/03*/

I can confirm that this iso still does not boot on my Mac. I will see if I can add some padding to the iso and get it to boot correctly.

Not long ago I wrote about the Intel X25 firmware update no working on my Mac. Intel has released a new firmware update the supposedly stops Windows 7 users from experiencing bricked drives. I’ll give this one a try on my Mac and see if it can boot unlike the last one. If it doesn’t boot my theory holds true, the disc is just too small and the disc drives are having trouble reading the data so they just give up. If this is the case I’ll throw some garbage on the disc, space out the data, and see where we can go from there.

So far I’ve tried 3 separate DVD drives on my Mac, all of which are supported under OSX, and each one failed to boot the last firmware upgrade disc. I’ll update this post tonight when I try the disc.

The firmware can be seen here.