Add more gestures to your Magic Mouse

by postbreak

magicmouseApple’s newest mouse seems to be a pretty big hit compared to the design flawed Mighty Mouse. Multitouch is all the rage these days and being able to use it on current Macs seems like a no brainer. As always Apple left out some core features of this mouse, like being able to make custom gestures for example. Luckily there is a third party menu item you can run to restore plenty of custom gestures you’d expect to see out of the box. The list is pretty impressive.

  • zoom in and zoom out (pinching)
  • tip tap (left / right)
  • two finger swipe up/down/left/right
  • three finger swipe up/down/left/right
  • single finger tap (can be used for tap2click)
  • single finger tap left
  • single finger tap right
  • two finger tap
  • two finger click
  • three finger tap
  • three finger click

You can check out BetterTouchTool and play with the custom gestures. It even works for newer Macbook trackpads.

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