Dual Hard drive Macbook

by postbreak

Swapping the SuperDrive in a Macbook or Macbook Pro is nothing new. People have been doing it since they could find the correct adapter. I’m going to show you how I added another drive to my Macbook on the cheap. First you need to realize that swapping the SuperDrive for a standard hard drive is not easy and there is give and take. I used a guide on iFixit to help me through the tedious process, highly recommended. If you burn a lot of CDs/DVDs on the go then this mod might not be for you. If you value your warranty then this is definitely not for you. Assuming you have little to no use for the SuperDrive like me then lets get started.

The caddy.

First and foremost in order to attempt this mod you either need to buy an adapter or a pre-made drive caddy. The drive caddy is the way to go since it’s proven to work and is almost as easy as swapping a part out. There are few caddys to chose from. The MCE Optibay is the first and foremost. Nothing against the company but $129 for a hard drive caddy is a fucking joke. Sure it’s a direct replacement and all the screws match up to an existing SuperDrive but it’s just a $2 circuit board from China and some sheet metal. I wasn’t buying it.

The $42 option.

How does $42 sound compared to $129? Well that’s a hell of a lot better and I mashed the buy button on NewModeUS‘s website as fast as I could. The link above goes to a PATA to SATA drive bay. The PATA connection is where the bay connects to the motherboard, the SATA connection is where the hard drive goes in. This is perfect for every Macbook and Macbook Pro up until the unibody Macbooks. The unibody Macbooks use a SATA connection on the SuperDrive so you need this caddy.

The SuperDrive is 9.5mm tall.

That last fact is very important. I made it simple by linking to the exact hard drive caddys but some people need it burned into their memory. The odd height Apple uses is kinda rare so it was hard to find a drive bay of the same size. Just remember you need 9.5mm and if you’re a unibody Mac owner you must use the SATA to SATA caddy. Any other Macbook or Macbook Pro uses PATA to SATA.

After about 40 screws here it is installed

After about 40 screws here it is installed

The electrical tape you see is for noise dampening and not for actually holding the drive into place. Once you do order the hard drive bay simply bust off the black plastic attached to face and you’re good to go. Getting the drive into the caddy is a real pain. I had to hold the metal apart and slide the drive inside the enclosure. Less than stellar install but I can’t complain, it works flawlessly.

Here you can see the drive showing up under ATA which is the PATA connection. The drive is formatted NTFS since it was a spare drive. I plan on replacing it with a 320GB 7200rpm drive that is currently my main drive and purchasing a super fast SSD.

It shows up under ATA

It shows up under ATA

Now performance wise the drive is just as fast as my other SATA drive. I don’t have to worry about performance anyways once I get an SSD since this drive will serve as basic storage. I don’t have any benchmarks on the drive since it’s not my permanent drive.


If you’ve got the time and $42 pick up a drive caddy and add another drive to your Macbook or Macbook Pro. It cost me $4.99 shipping and arrived in 2 days from California to Ohio. I couldn’t be happier with the website and definitely suggest you order from them. I was not paid to say that, after I ordered the caddy it was shipped same day. I will write more about this once I get my SSD, I’m just waiting for my EeePC to sell on Ebay.