Faster startup by staggering launch apps

by postbreak

Starting up my Mac takes a while once I get to my desktop. I have around 8 startup applications that are either services (such as Logmein or Quicksilver) but the majority are menubar applications such as DropBox or Hyperspaces. Over the past half hour I have restarted a number of times each time measuring how long it took to get everything loaded. Needless to say I believe that OSX tries to load all of your startup applications at the same time. This is madness (not sparta).

I looked for a way to automate launching my startup applications and I remembered Automator is great for these simple dull tasks. Staggering the applications is pretty easy.

Drag the “Launch Application” task into the workflow box. Select your application you want to launch.

Drag “Apple Script” task into the workflow box. Type “delay 5” This delays the next task by 5 seconds, you can adjust it to your liking.

Keep doing this for all of your applications you normally start at login and be sure to delete them from the login items under the Accounts page on System Preferences.

By staggering the launching of my startup applications my CPU usage is much lower at startup and I can immediately start browsing the net or doing anything else I’d like to do. Launching another application on top of my startup apps is also much faster.

Save this workflow as an application. One of the problems is that the application will have a dock icon. You can easily get rid of that with Dock Dodger. Add your new startup application to your login items and you should see much faster booting.