AppleTV updates

by postbreak

Since upgrading to Snow Leopard the script my good friend DerNalia wrote has been broken. There have been some core changes to AppleScript which broke the automated script. I have received quite a few emails about this and I apologize, I’ve let him know that his script doesn’t work currently and he is looking into it. For the mean time you could open the script up and copy and paste them into the Terminal by hand. This is a half-ass way of doing things but it’s the easiest.

Everything in purple should be able to be copied and pasted. If a command doesn’t work check for any typos. Please keep in mind that if you can’t get this to work read up on how to install a particular piece of software yourself. I will not troubleshoot simple stuff like debugging an installation problem. Now if any of the curl commands don’t work that’s another story since I’m hosting stuff for you to make things easier. If a link is bad let me know and I’ll fix it as soon as I can.

*Edit* Here is my attempt at a bash script to automatically install everything. Make sure you chmod it and look over it before running.


The full guide is following the read more link.

Here are the commands you need to copy and paste.

Remember you need to have XCode installed.

mkdir /ConverterTemp

cd /ConverterTemp

This installs CMake

cd /ConverterTemp/

curl -O” && cmake_install && tar xvzf  && cmake_install



sudo make install

This installs Aften

cd /ConverterTemp

svn co Aften

cd Aften

mkdir default

cd default

cmake /ConverterTemp/Aften/


sudo make install

This installs MKVInfo

cd /ConverterTemp

curl -O


sudo chmod 755 mkvinfo

sudo cp mkvinfo /usr/local/bin

This installs libdca

cd /ConverterTemp

svn co svn:// libdca

cd libdca

sudo ./bootstrap

sudo ./configure

sudo make

sudo make install

This installs MKVDTS2AC3

cd ConverterTemp

curl -O


cd mkvdts2ac3

sudo chmod 755

cp /ConverterTemp/mkvdts2ac3/ /ConverterTemp/mkvdts2ac3/mkvdts2ac3

sudo cp /ConverterTemp/mkvdts2ac3/mkvdts2ac3 /usr/local/bin/

This installs MKVMerge

cd /ConverterTemp

curl -O

sudo chmod 755 mkvmerge

cp mkvmerge /usr/local/bin/

This installs MKVExtract

cd /ConverterTemp

curl -O

sudo chmod 755 mkvextract

cp mkvextract /usr/local/bin/

This should just about do it. Now you have the tools to convert DTS to AC3.