Bluetooth Problems with Windows 7 on Macs

by postbreak

After installing Windows 7 without a hitch I ran into a pretty nasty bug. The bluetooth driver right from the Windows install CD worked just fine, the supplied driver from Apple not so much. I am specifically talking about using an Apple Bluetooth keyboard, you know those tiny white and aluminum crumb trays. In order to get this keyboard working you need to jump through some hoops.

  1. Hold the power button down on the keyboard until it starts blinking
  2. Hopefully it shows up under discoverable devices, right click on it
  3. Check the only check box there which says “HID Devices, keyboard, mouse, ect”

Now pair it like you would normally and it should work. It took about 4 tries for mine to work which is sad but now it works just fine. There is one last step. Go into the device manager. Right click on the bluetooth module and open the preferences. Turn “Allow Windows to turn this device off to save power” off. For some reason Windows likes to kill the connection to this keyboard very often. So often it will cycle it off even while you’re typing on it. After I turned power saving mode off it started working normally.