Windows 7 and beyond

by postbreak

Well I just spent the better half of this afternoon backing up my data for this Windows 7 installation so hopefully it isn’t rendered moot when my partition gets moved on the fly. I really hate that BootCamp does that but there’s not much else I can do than use that.

Here is a shout-out to a nice Mac utility for you dual-booters. It’s call rEFIt named after the Macs bootloader EFI. It lets you select which OS you want at boot up on every reboot. This can get both annoying and tiresome but I know a lot of people who boot both OS’s constantly. I’ll be writing a bootcamp guide for Mac users soon after I get finished with this herculean task of setting up Windows 7. Speaking of which, I keep wanting to call it Windows 8 for some reason. I think it rolls off the tongue better than Windows 7.