out of the office

by postbreak

Lately I’ve been distant from here for a couple of reason. School has started and I’m taking a full load of classes. Luckily this is my last year for my four year degree and it can’t come soon enough. Second I landed a job writing articles for a certain Mac website. I won’t link it just yet but the relaunch is coming soon. I haven’t forgotten about my 5k+ visitors this blog rakes in a month (something that makes my jaw hit the floor every time I see). I’ll try to get some more interesting articles in here as soon as I can.

Since switching to Snow Leopard there have been some interesting problems and solutions I have found so hang tight for those. I also just scored a free copy of Windows 7 Premium today so I’ll have to install that to get some more Windows related posts. I’m sure there are Windows readers out there who are probably thinking “Fuck yeah, less Mac bullshit!” and I hear ya. Mac readers don’t worry, we’re still cool.