The new Apple iSight, well kinda

by postbreak

isightThe original external iSight was discontinued on December of 2006. A friend of mine actually snatched one up just before it got the ax and almost immediately after the prices for the over priced webcams skyrocketed. You can pick one up on Ebay used for around $75 depending on your luck. What I liked about the iSight is that it ran on Firewire which would ease my dependence on USB hubs however over $50 for a webcam seems a bit ridiculous (unless your webcam shoots foam missiles and is fully automated). Unfortunately the iSight was not only expensive, but it wasn’t full supported on Windows so I looked for an alternative.

VisionCamMy first choice was made by Microsoft and is actually supported on the Xbox 360, OSX, Linux, Windows, and even the PS3. The Xbox 360 Vision cam is the webcam I am talking about and personally I love it. The video is crystal clear and you can manually adjust the focus with the little knob on the lens. For a product made by Microsoft the cam is very Mac like. At $25 a pop it’s a steal. One of the few disadvantages of the Xbox cam is that it does not have a built in mic so you need to have your own which isn’t a problem for me. The other disadvantage is that it’s USB and that depends on how many ports you have open. You can pick one up from Amazon here. You can also see a grainy test shot I took of my pirate flag hanging in my room here.