Pro tip: Dim your LCD brightness at night

by postbreak

NocturneI’m not the only person guilty of staying up way too late at night with only my LCD on as a light source. While my LCD is incredibly bright at night it also makes my eyes hurt. An easy solution would be to turn on a light but like vampires computer nerds fear the light. If you’re using a Mac you can quickly turn down the brightness of your screen with one simple app: Nocturne.

With Nocturne you can crank up the contrast so reading text in direct sunlight is somewhat possible compared to normally. With the settings below you can simple turn the brightness of your LCD down without actually messing with those buttons under the screen. Simply this app tosses a grey see thru layer on top of your screen to dim everything down to a less retina burning level.


You can even use this setting based on the ambient light sensors built into Macbook Pros which is a major plus. Unfortunately I have yet to find a Windows equivalent application so if you know of one let me know.