Safari/Webkit vs. Firefox 3.5

by postbreak

My browser workflow can be considered as fast paced chaos. At any given time I have a half dozen tabs open, and maybe two windows each with specific content either entertainment or information I am searching for. I have tried a few browsers and I keep coming back to Safari/Webkit and here is why.

First let me say that speed and laziness drives my workflow. I navigate the web with shortcuts and little mouse usage besides scrolling. Command T, Command W, and Command R are my most used. If I can’t get a blank page to load my next conquest in an instant I start to go insane.

“Left to right, not top to bottom” That theory has been the downfall of Firefox in my workflow. When I type the letters “co” Firefox starts to search for all of my history that has those two letters. It takes ages to parse that information and come up with what it thinks I want, hence top down. Safari on the other hand immediately starts to autocomplete the URL I am looking for and if I am looking for an abundance of queries I can be less specific by simply typing the first letter of the url.

Hitting the down arrow to select a URL on Firefox is it’s downfall. Being able to just type “co” and hit enter to get to the is so much faster than “co” down arrow, then enter. Yeah, it’s a gripe but I can’t get over that damn “feature”.

Now I am sure I can mold Firefox into that path but there is something to be said about Firefox’s performance. I have never seen a browser take longer to load my history. Sometimes a new tab, even a blank page, can take a few seconds. A few seconds doesn’t sound bad on a mobile platform but on my Intel processor and gobs of memory the transition should be instantaneous. About:blank should never have to buffer.

I sound like a real stickler when it comes to my time but I abandon ship on a website that takes over a few seconds to load. The time wasted while waiting for my browser to do whatever it’s doing behind the scenes really adds up. Now I understand that Firefox has some of the most amazing plugins imaginable however I just can’t bring myself to using it for those features.

The less typing the better. If you were to sit behind me while I browse my favorite websites you’d see that I usually type 1 to 2 letters per URL. I have yet to get anything close to that with Firefox unless I were to set keywords for every single website I go to. Safari basically does that automatically.

So here’s my question to you: What browser do you use that utilizes your workflow best? I’m curious to see if anyone is like me or if I’m just crazy. Again, I read the comments on this site and respond to them so don’t think they’ll fall to deaf ears.

~End rant