Change the screen resolution from the terminal

by postbreak

Changing your screen resolution can be a laborious affair requiring many clicks. I’m going to show you how to automate the process using automator and a nice application called ScreenUtil.

Step 1. Download ScreenUtil from the link above.

Step 2. Unzip it then do a “chmod 755” to make sure it’s executable.

Step 3. Copy scrutil to “/usr/local/bin/”

Now running “scrutil c” will till you what your current display setting is. To change your display resolution simply add “t” followed by your resolution and your display will instantly change. A full example is as follows “scrutil t 1280 800 32” The first two numbers are pretty obvious and the last one being the pixel depth. If you’re unsure what your display’s pixel depth is run “scrutil c” to find out.

Automating this script is very easy. Launch Automator and select “Run Shell Script”. Input  the resolution you want, and save it as an application. Now you can change your resolution much faster by launching that application with Quicksilver or Spotlight.

Download Here