Airbase-NG, Honeypot Delux

by postbreak

Well it’s been a while since I last posted about Airbase-NG and I have been saving a nice script Jeronimo from the Kismac IRC gave me. First let me say that I did not write this script in any way. I was given the script and the only thing I changed was the ability to dump the payload into a plaintext file from ettercap, which isn’t saying much.

So lets get started! The first requirement is Backtrack 4 Beta. I love this build because it appears much more stable than what I have used before. No random lockups while using VMware on my Mac. I’ll be sticking with this build and might even put it on my EeePc if it never sells.

Next you need to update the aircrack suit. The aircrack wiki should suffice if you don’t know how to do that. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to have patience and look information up if you cannot get something to work.

The last step resides in the script itself so read the comments. In the comments you will see that you need to change some parameters depending on your interface card.

This script differs from the SoftAP script in that it uses ettercap and driftnet to actively show you someone is on your network. You can then log all of the data you want and search for passwords in clear text. While testing this against my iphone I was able to pull just about every password out including: facebook, twitter, gmail, ect.

The script is still limited to around 40kbp/s however in my testing you don’t notice right away until you start loading graphic heavy websites and I doubt a target would notice either.

Here is the download link for the script. Remember to read the comments!