Google Voice

by postbreak

I was lucky enough to get into the private beta of Grand Central last May and Google has finally updated the service into something called Google Voice. Google Voice is basically a forwarding number that can ring multiple phones when called. This is great for people who need a single number that calls both work and home or rings a specific phone depending on the person. You can add groups such as work and make them ring a specific number. 


The transcribe service works for the most part.

The transcribe service works for the most part.



One of the new features is the ability to transcribe your voicemail into text and then forward it to your email accounts. Vonage has had this ability for a while now and to get the service for free is pretty spectacular. Unfortunately Google Voice is currently in closed beta and I don’t even have invites to hand out. I look forward to when this service opens up however I just hope it stays free. International calling still has costs but for right now domestic calls are free. One new bonus to this upgrade is that it no longer requires flash so accessing your account via an iPhone is now a viable option.