Application Review: RipIt

by postbreak

ripit-iconI wrote a guide a few months ago on how I rip DVDs, shrink them, and burn them on Macs. Since writing that guide a friend told me of a new application called RipIt that supported Disney DVDs and I was instantly hooked. I’m a fiend when it comes to archiving my DVDs and the outdated MacTheRipper just wasn’t cutting it. I’m going to take a look at a new app on the block and see if it’s worth your hard earned dollars.


picture-6The first thing I saw right away was that RipIt wasn’t free. Gasp, a tool that allows you to archive or illegally duplicate movies that costs money? Well I personally back up DVDs for archiving purposes so I don’t have to put the stupid disc in every time I want to watch a movie. Anyways, what makes RipIt stand out, besides the fee, is that the developers are using the money from the sales to purchase new DVDs to understand the security and circumvent it. I can’t stress how important that is from a user perspective. This application will support newer DVDs with different security because the developers are actively updating the security. That kicks ass.


So there are other applications out there that can rip DVDs to your hard disk but do they support Disney DVDs? I ask this because Disney is a stickler when it comes to DVD security. Of all the DVDs out there Disney DVDs tend to be the hardest to rip. I tried four applications while trying to archive Wall-E and each said the disc was 70GB’s in size. Disney’s security was spoofing the actual size of the data on the disc. RipIt pulled the 7.4GBs to my backup drive in twelve minutes.

picture-31RipIt costs under $20 and for that small price you get the piece of mind knowing the developers are actually going to support new discs in the future. RipIt actually features an anonymous service that reports successful rips to their servers.


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If you have ever used Disco or Transmission you would be familiar with the Dock badge system that reports time left, transfer speed ect. RipIt features a Dock badge that shows the percentage completed along with remaining time. Both are nice features that let you know how long you have left. Using my external DVD drive I was able to rip a full DVD in as low as 3 minutes with a maximum of 15 minutes for dual layer discs.

picture-22I highly suggest you check out RipIt if you back up DVDs or convert them for other devices. The price is perfect and I couldn’t ask for a better support when it comes for new releases. There are quite a few items on their feature request page including the ability to rip and shrink the movie to fit onto a single layer DVD (something I would love). Give RipIt a try and let me know what you think. You can try RipIt for free. When I used the trial RipIt never nagged for purchasing, even after a few DVDs.