Mac rant: The Mighty Mouse

by postbreak

Mighty Mouse

Apple’s Mighty Mouse is either loved or hated. The sleek design with seemingly no right click often confuses PC users. Everything from the side buttons to the scroll wheel look futuristic however this device decided to put form over function.

This little device makes me want destroy something beautiful. I have never wanted to destroy a peripheral more than this mouse. From the fact that you have to literally pick your hand up off of the mouse to make a right click to the ever malfunctioning scroll wheel, you can’t win with this mouse.

I first purchased this mouse around March of last year as a somewhat birthday present for myself. I was only drawn to the device because it offered a way to use a mouse with my MacBook without needing a stupid USB RF receiver like most Microsoft or Logitech mice. I paid $60 for a world of hurt I had no idea was coming.

In about 4 months the scroll ball started to act up. The first thing you notice about this mouse is the scroll ball and it’s ability to scroll in all directions. It’s a novelty that quickly wears off the second it starts to act up. Scrolling down became a nightmare. Somehow something got inside the scroll ball compartment and was stopping vertical scrolling, 99% of the scrolling you will encounter.

Not only is the scroll ball unique but it’s impossible to clean. I found a few guides on taking the mouse apart but what surprised me is how the mouse is in fact put together. If you have ever taken a Microsoft Intellipoint mouse apart you’ll know there are stickers in place to keep certain parts together. This mouse uses brittle plastic O-rings to hold the bottom compartment together with fragile tabs and easy to rip apart ribbon cables. There was no way I was going to perform open heart surgery on a $60 mouse only to have it clog again.

I called Apple who couldn’t find my serial number on file. After back and forth with an Indian call center I finally got a replacement next day. Another 4 months pass and the scroll ball is starting to give up. Could it get worse?

So lets talk about that right click. The mouse is supposed to understand where the pressure is located in order to differentiate between a left click and a right click. On both of the mice I had in order for a right click to register I will have to completely remove my hand from the mouse and push on the right side of the edge near the side buttons. Have you ever had a mouse force you to take your hand off of it in order to do an action?

If you are in the market for a new mouse please stay away from the Mighty Mouse until a new version comes out that addresses these problems. I can’t stress enough that you will enjoy the mouse while it is new however after you start to use it daily these tragic flaws will start to appear.

Mighty Mouse logo