Front Row: take a back seat to Plex

by postbreak

I remember when I first got my Mac. The excitement, that new plastic smell. Grabbing the remote and then launching Front Row over and over again. As time went on Front Row took longer and longer to start up. At times it took over 15 seconds to start, much longer than my patience did to force quit the app and switch to VLC.

Well this past week I finally gave up on Front Row and have moved to an application called Plex. Plex is a wonderful port of XBMC to the Mac platform. Now I can go into all of the features but the one I am most fond of is the fact that it allows my piece of garbage GMA950 to playback 720 and 1080p video on my 24″ monitor without catching on fire or looking like a slideshow. Plex makes use of both cores in my CPU (something VLC apparently doesn’t do). Searching on Google finds a few posts of people with Mac Minis even handling 1080p with a slower CPU than mine.

I could go on and on about all the features of Plex (or XBMC) but instead I’d rather peak your interest and have you go download it. Trust me, I don’t even think about Front Row anymore.