Time Machine

by postbreak

I often like to think about what I would do with a time machine. Now everyone would most likely go back and stop wars or tell their early self how to get rich and I don’t blame them. Given the fact that with a time machine you could stop wars and what not just assume for this article you cannot change history, you can only go back in time in a sort of “read-only” mode. Anything you do will be undone when you travel back to the future.

One scenareo I often think of is bringing back a piece of technology to the 50’s and show it off to a few individuals. I would want to bring something back and give them a glimps of the future and blow their minds. Also keep in mind this would be read-only mode so whatever I show them wouldn’t alter the future. Of all the new gizmos and computers there is only one device I could ever think of bringing back to the past: the iPhone.

Now before I get into it there are quite a few assumptions. First the iPhone I bring back would work on cell towers or WiFi even though they wouldn’t be around in the past. The second assumption would be that this iPhone could access the internet as it works today. The reason for these assumptions is to keep the device working like it would normally because it would be  nearly impossible to explain what the internet is.

So now that I got all of that out of the way lets jump into the delorean and go back in time with our phone. Televisions were the newest thing on the block and getting up to change the channel was required. I can’t even imagine what it would be likt to see a small device that could play movies, music, or make phone calls back in that era. We take so much for granted these days and to see something like this would blow my mind.

The one person I would want to show this gadget to would be none other than myself. I mean not only would I be able to see myself in the past but get to see my reaction to a device that doesn’t exist yet. Chances are I would also kick myself in the nuts and try to leave a note behind to never date any girl named Ashley but that’s another story.

So now I am curious as to what you would take back in to the past and who you would show. Let me know in the comments.