Make a cross platform disk for Mac and PCs

by postbreak

It still kills me that OSX doesn’t natively support writing to NTFS drives. You can install a third party plugin called NTFS-3G which runs on both Linux and OSX. This plugin works great and I would suggest you install it if you deal with a lot of NTFS formatted drives. I primarily work with Macs so formating my external drives NTFS is not ideal. I looked for a way to do just the opposite, get Windows to read HFS+. After a few searches I came up with MacDrive, a $50 shareware driver that lets you mount standard Mac disk drives as well as Mac formatted DVDs and CDs. Not everyone is going to purchase MacDrive when I want to share my media nor will they have the driver installed.

MacDrive is a shareware plugin which allows you to use it for a couple of days and then uninstall it. I wanted to keep that driver on my disk so I wouldn’t have to access the internet to get it however you can’t read the contents of a Mac drive without it installed. I simply partitioned my drive to include a small Fat32 partition with the driver and a few other misc. tools such as Putty or WinSCP. There is a problem with the Disk Utility application when it comes to partitioning. I was unable to shrink the Fat32 partition under 6GB. This could be a technical limitation but I am going to continue to try and shrink that even further. If you have any ideas as to why it wont go under 6GB please let me know in the comments, I am very curious.