It's that time of the year

by postbreak

Wow I have been extremely busy with christmas shopping and catching up with family. So much so that I nearly forgot I had to update this thing to which I apologize. I am getting a FON in a few days and I look forward to sharing my thoughts on Jasager from an actual users standpoint. It has been difficult to talk about without actually having a FON in my hands.

Santa (My girlfriend) brought me some great gifts in the form of three books. The Art of Intrusion, The Art of Deception, and Secrets & Lies Digital Security in a Networked World, the first two by Mitnick. I look forward to reading them and sharing my thoughts on the topics at hand.

As class winds down I have some more time to fiddle with my hobbies and come up with new projects. One of my side projects is modifying a set of USB powered spinning lights I got from Woot. These are the kinds of lights you see on utility trucks that spin and glow that familiar amber color. I’m hoping to get them to turn on whenever I get a tweet mentioning my name or an important email. The ultimate productivity killer.

Coming up next I am going to start a series on how I use my Mac and what tools I use to modify OSX to improve productivity (for me at least). I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and for those who don’t celebrate have a great new years.