Antivirus on a Mac Pt. 2

by postbreak

In the first article I talked about the need for patching security holes much faster than Apple currently offers, also how a DNS exploit crippled Macs longer than their Windows counterparts. I am going to change the focus in the second part of this topic to why antivirus on the Mac platform will take a serious exploit to grow into an essential tool for OSX.

Apple has advertised immunity from viruses with its ad campaign. Just take a step back and think about what will happen the day OSX is exploited like it’s Windows companions. The smear campaign from Redmond would be massive. I believe this would be the last push before we start to see an antivirus application for Macs being required. 

I’m sure someone is screaming at their monitor right now chanting that the Macbook Air was hacked in a few minutes at CanSecWest during the Pwn2Own competition. This article pretty much sums up my rebuttal to that claim. However I disagree with the ending paragraph in that article stating that Apple patches it’s OS faster. Sure it may patch new features or bugs but when is the last time you hit that software update and received a patch for an exploit within 72 hours?

The truth is that current exploits, that work on OSX, tend to be cross platform exploits. They have to do with the browser or some sort of plugin such as Java or Flash. I expect more vulnerabilities to be exposed for Safari in the near future, however I can’t see myself scanning my hard drive for viruses any time soon. Just remember when Apple launched Safari for Windows?