Push Notification: Flying under the radar

by postbreak

The buzz in the iPhone world seems to be copy and paste and I don’t blame people for the uproar. Smart phones have had this feature for some time now but I believe the true reason for it’s absence is that Apple has yet to figure out how to implement it. Sure you have multitouch but getting copy and paste to work fluently and intuitively you need to really understand what options you have.

A system wide UI change such as copy and paste will take time. The latest UI change to a core app was the ability to delete multiple email messages in the Mail application. I believe the feature was planned for the iPhone launch however Apple had yet to design it.

Getting back to Push Notification. I believe Apple is still hard at work on this feature and we might be surprised by the next update if it appears. For right now we have a homebrew application that simply keeps an application running instead of a behind the scenes tunnel for data.