Jailbreaking, a start

by postbreak

This is going to be my first entry in a few entries about Jailbreaking and why I consider it more useful than the official SDK. This is a completely opinionated piece so please take my advice lightly. 

Apple has allowed users to finally create applications that can be legitimately run on the iPhone however every single one of them is meticulously picked through and even sandboxed on the phone itself. There is no escape from the spot lights that Apple has and the guards are armed with a kill switch that can be engaged at any time to protect the user. Well folks tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak. 

Like any console or locked down system applications need to be signed in order to run. This unique signature is like a serial of sorts that either hardware or software checks to make sure the code running is from a safe source. Jailbreaking simply or not so simply removes these safety checks allowing for rouge code to be launched. This rouge code is what I live for.

Now after getting the idea behind jailbreaking out of the way lets cover why it is important. This underground club of homebrew is is no way limited to the iPhone. I remember a few years ago playing SNES on a PSP. Homebrew is amazing work that should be embraced more than it is. These people remind me of the BASF commercials. 

We don’t make the surfboard, we make it stronger. We don’t make the jetski, we make it faster.


Homebrew developers take something and make it better. The PSP’s IR capabilities were completely useless. Many didn’t even realize it was on the device. A homebrew developer wrote an application that could turn the IR controller into any remote you could think of. I used my PSP to turn off my neighbors TV a few times. 

The iPhone homebrew scene is just as important. They were the first ones to bring us iPhone tethering. And now with the introduction of backgrounding, or the ability to keep an application from quitting, we now see the two combined to form a great little mobile modem.

Apple will not allow you to customize your iPhones background which is a boring black by default. In fact there is a not Apple wants you do to your iPhone but that wont stop the restless. 

In my next post I am going to showcase how I use homebrew applications on my iPhone and how they saved my ass a few times.