Target Disk Mode

by postbreak

There is a pretty big clamor about target disk mode and the lack of firewire 400 on the new aluminum Macbooks. People are complaining about loosing such a vital feature but at the same time I wonder what percentage of Macbook owners know what firewire even is. Jonathan Ive mentions how the Macbook is Apple’s best selling Mac and I believe him. What I don’t believe is that removing firewire 400 from the new Macbooks will somehow hurt the sales. These are the types of growing pains that the advanced users have to deal with all while the normal users go on blissfully unaware. It’s these normal users who make up a hefty chunk of the Macbooks user base. 

As a first generation Macbook owner I am glad I still have firewire 400 but guess what, I have yet to even use it for anything. It’s my insurance policy for when I run out of USB hubs and finally get that nice Lacie external drive that has firewire, USB, and esata. 

My biggest complaint about the new Macbooks isn’t the lack of firewire, it’s the fact that a USB port didn’t replace it.