The Fuzzy State of Leopard UI Customizing

by postbreak

It’s no secret that a lot of UI changes were made in Leopard however there seems to be a bit of confusion when it comes to customizing what Apple doesn’t want changed. Back when Tiger was the best of the best Unsanity shipped a few applications that let you modify just about every element in the OS’s UI. Judging by their compatibility page Apple still has one up on how to change UI elements.

Since switching to Leopard I have really been craving the ability to say to hell with stock user interfaces and using my own, and this is where I have very high hopes for Façade. Façade brings everything you’d expect to a UI customizing application and then some. What makes Façade different from the others, besides its compatibility with Leopard, is it’s marketing plan. Just like the iPhone Façade features a sort of App Store, only it will sell themes. I’m sure my pocket change will be flying into a coinstar machine to purchase themes the same way I purchase iPhone applications.