Apple Recognizes Nvidia's flaws

by postbreak

Nvidia announced a while back that quite a few of it’s chips fail earlier then expected. These chips included the 8600M which is inside every Macbook Pro from May 2007-08. Instead of taking Nvidia’s word for it and assuming the chips would be fine Apple did it’s own stress check and is now issuing a 2 year warranty on Macbook Pros with graphic issues and even reimbursing people who have paid for repairs.

1. This is a large problem.

With Apple extending the warranty of these Macbook Pro’s it really throws out any reason why anyone would purchase the higher level laptop. People go for the Macbook Pro for its larger screen size, beefier CPU, and mostly of all it’s dedicated GPU.

2. Apple needs to refresh the pro line immediately.

October 14th is an Apple scheduled event with the topic of notebooks. I can only hope Apple updates the graphic cards in these machines to something higher than an 8600 and gives us the option to purchase the bare bones machine and upgrade the graphics card. Who knows, Apple could actually pull an ace in the hole with a graphics option for the Macbooks.