And it begins

by postbreak

Well I always told myself I would make a personal site for my thoughts and I finally did it. It only took a couple of years but it’s here. I suppose I should get started and explain who I am and what matters to me. 


My name is Ryan and I am finishing up my bachelors degree with an associates degree in Computer Networking Administration. I am currently 21 years old and looking forward to landing that dream job. Until I work hard enough to get that I’m stuck living at home. 


I am an avid Mac enthusiast yet I still like to play with linux; windows if I must. I have a two year old Macbook that I would love to use as a secondary machine however I can’t afford to go out and purchase a new computer. I have upgraded basically everything I can on it, that includes ram, wireless card, hard drive, ect. I’ll be looking forward to that 13.3″ Macbook Pro if they ever make one. For now my secondary Mac is my iPhone 3G.


So what is this site about?


I’m really not sure yet. Like I said before I’m a Mac fan so I’m sure I’ll have a few topics about that in general. I am starting to really grasp wireless manipulating as I like to call it so I know I’ll share some secrets there. I am looking forward to simply writing about my likes and dislikes and who knows, you might share in my thinking.